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Members of the FA Executive Committee spent last weekend in a series of workshops with Mentors from the Regional Governing Body, CONCACAF, all with the aim of taking the organization to the next level.

The two-day workshop, facilitated by Mr. Howard McIntosh, One CONCACAF and Caribbean Projects Manager as well as Mr. Horace Reid, Caribbean Director, Member Association Affairs had a main theme and aim of exposing the newly named BVIFA Executive Council to best practices in good governance, to improve the overall administration of the game and to address the key roles and responsibilities of the Council.

The FA also had to go over its strategic plan, which got the thumbs up from the Facilitators, discuss its current organizational structure, roles and responsibilities within the organisation and identify key positions that need to be filled.

“The sessions were very productive” commented 1st Vice-President, Mr. Avenel “Clarky” Morton “the gist was that they were happy with where we have reached so far and have empowered us to reach new heights as a Council. This means as the elected officials we have a responsibility to not be so involved day to day, but make sure the people we put in place are accountable and doing their jobs”

The Executive Council is similar to a Board of Directors in a Company and according to Morton it takes football well and truly into the realms of operating just like a successful business.

FA Treasurer Mr. Kenrick Grant echoed the thoughts of his VP “it was a very timely in preparing us to be a body with the right attitude, understanding and knowledge needed for establishing a successful business where we can create leaders.” He noted “we have already been making necessary changes to transform the organization from the game of football to the business of football and its important that these changes resonate throughout the organisation”


Grant also pointed out that with the support of FIFA and CONCACAF the FA has already been making strides to be fully professionalised with a clear separation of the Legislative, Executive, Judiciary and Operational functions. Clubs and National teams have also benefitted from the new era and following implementation of the conclusions from the Workshops, those benefits will only continue to take football forward.

Some of the more immediate steps to be taken include, the creation of a crisis management committee, develop a communication strategy for all clubs, members, stakeholders and supporters, a review of the player registration process and a separation of powers by the Council members so they no longer are involved in the various standing committees and the creation of standard operating policy and procedure manuals for the various functions of the FA.


President Mr. Andy Bickerton was delighted to report “The workshop was another steppingstone in the development of football in the islands as we look to match the professionalism of our players and coaches with that of our administration.” as he looked forward to another exciting chapter in the Territories football development.