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February 16 Matches

Wolues 5 – 1 Islanders (Greenland)

League leaders Islanders and Wolues met last Sunday in what fans would assume would be a fierce heavyweight bout. Some fans were left heartbroken this Valentine’s weekend when seeing the outcome after full time. Islanders took an all-out pummelling against the boys in blue. With neither their offense or defense ever being truly able to wake up and get the team up and running. Wolues established their dominance very early with both Ian Chambers (11) and Christopher farmer (7) able to get the ball across the goal line in the first half. All was not lost however as Kevin Fisher-Daniel was also found the back of the in the first half. The second half proved no different from the first as Wolues strikers more than doubled their lead with goals from Christopher Brown (22) and Phillip Nelson (10). Adding insult to injury Islander’s defender Noel Issacs (23) scored an own goal on his goalkeeper. Wolues showed no mercy to their defeated adversaries with their 5th goal being the result of a penalty kick conceded by islander’s goalie who probably had a lapse in judgment and made a careless tackle in his penalty area.

Rebels vs Lion Heart (VG)