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National League Aug 16, 2020

One Love v Islanders (0 – 3)

For the first match of the evening on Virgin Gorda, the crowd looked forward to a fairly even match up on paper.  Both teams played fairly well for the most part and despite their ongoing heated rivalry play was kept under control by the referees. Ball possession was also split evenly between both sides, but small constant mistakes on the one love side led to big goals. Right before the end of the 1st half #18 Ranelie Cain of islanders was rewarded with a penalty which he successfully converted. Into the second half Pressure did seem to increase from both sides, but again the One Love side’s mistakes led to goals for the tenacious islanders. #11 Devron Medica netted his opportunity in 59th  minute and so did #10 Oswort Holder in 65th.

VG United v Wolues  (2 – 2)

The second match of the night featured home team VG United vs Wolues. “Shocked!” would probably be one of the words used by the many spectators in the arena If the had to describe this David and Goliath match  with bottom of the table team VG United and table leaders Wolues.  Despite Wolues #9 Noel Maxwell penetrating the VG defence very early in the first half it was the VG United team who looked like the better side with high percentage passing and possession. It is still to be determined if the visiting Wolues were just fatigued or grossly underestimated the VG side, but before long VG’s #3 Sheldon Toney scored his team’s first goal in the 34th minute. With playing resuming in the second half Wolues’ team coach must have given the guys a stern talking to since they looked a lot better. They bolstered their well known midfield game and started mounting pressure on the VG united side. Desepite this VG United was still able to score a stylish goal, #11 Marknique Williams back heeled the ball past Wolues goalie after a well placed free kick from his captain. Not too long after Wolues responded in a similar fashion the team captain for Wolues fired a rocket shot at the unprepared VG goalie from way outside the penalty area, this ricocheted off the crossbars and #11 William Green finished the job for a well deserving goal to equalise the score and ending the game at a draw after full time.